Spectator Safety

Spectator Safety NVQ: level 4

This qualification is for anyone who works in a managerial position within the Spectator Safety environment. The full NVQ qualification will consist of nine completed units.  Learners must complete seven mandatory and two optional units.

This qualification aims to assess the competence of stadium managers and safety officers. Candidates would be expected to demonstrate ability, planning for and ensuring the safety of people at an event, managing resources and developing implementing policies.

There are no formal entry requirements but Learners must be currently working in an appropriate environment and be able to


  1. Plan for the safety of people attending a spectator event
  2. Ensure the safety of people attending a spectator event
  3. Assist the organisation to develop and implement policies
  4. Manage your own resources and professional development
  5. Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  6. Provide information to support decision making
  7. Provide learning opportunities for colleagues


  1. Manage the use of physical resources
  2. Encourage innovation in your area of responsibility
  3. Recruit, select and keep colleagues
  4. Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility
  5. Facilitate meetings
  6. Provide advice and support for the development and implementation of quality polices
  7. Implement quality assurance systems
  8. Monitor compliance with quality systems
  9. Manage a project

How is the qualification delivered and assessed?

Learners are given a series of projects which will require them to research and document a particular subject and submit them for assessment. They will also be assessed in the workplace performing real work activities.

Awarded by: Security related NVQs Awarded by City and Guilds

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