Business & Administration

Business & Administration  NVQ: Level 3

This qualification is for anyone who works within an office environment covering roles such as administrator, co-ordinator, team leader, supervisor or office manager.  The full NVQ qualification will consist of six completed units. Learners must complete two mandatory units and four optional units.

This qualification aims to assess the competence of those working in any office environment.  Learners would be expected to demonstrate ability, commitment, motivations and determination.  The Learner would be expected to work without supervision and take part in decision making scenarios.

There are no formal entry requirements but Learners must be currently working in an appropriate environment and be able to Mandatory

  1. Carry out your responsibilities at work
  2. Work within your business environment

 Optional Units – Group A - you may wish to choose one Unit from this group.

  1. Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health & safety
  2. Manage diary systems
  3. Organise business travel and accommodation
  4. Use IT systems2
  5. Use IT to exchange information2
  6. Database software2
  7. Presentation software2
  8. Specialist or bespoke software2
  9. Prepare text from notes
  10. Make administrative arrangements for the appearance of individuals at court
  11. Contribute to maintaining security and protecting individuals’ rights in the custodial environment

Optional Units – Group B – at least three units must be chosen from this group.

  1. Supervise an office facility
  2. Procure products and services
  3. Manage and evaluate customer relations
  4. Manage the payroll function
  5. Complete year-end procedures
  6. Monitor information systems
  7. Plan and run projects
  8. Research, analyse and report information
  9. Plan, organise and support meetings
  10. Make a Presentation
  11. Organise and coordinate events
  12. Word processing software3
  13. Spreadsheet software3
  14. Website software2
  15. Artwork and imaging software2
  16. Design and produce documents
  17. Plan and implement innovation and change
  18. Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
  19. Provide leadership for your team
  20. Prepare text from shorthand
  21. Prepare text from recorded audio instructions
  22. Calculate and verify critical dates for sentences
  23. Verify the release process
  24. Maintain agricultural and horticultural records and prepare claims for subsidies
  25. Administer legal files
  26. Administer representations
  27. Administer the appeals process
  28. Administer case files
  29. Administer appeals
  30. Investigate cases
  31. Provide administrative support in schools

How is the qualification delivered and assessed?

Learners are assessed in the workplace performing real work activities. In addition to observation, there is a range of other methods of assessment available such as witness testimony and simulation

Awarded by: Security related NVQs Awarded by City and Guilds

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